After communal violence indefinite curfew in Nepal town

After communal violence indefinite curfew in Nepal town

Guwahati: The government authorities in Nepalgunj, a town bordering India, have announced indefinite curfew because of a communal clash that has till now injured 22 people, including five security personnel.

The communal clash started after a social media post triggered unrest among the Hindu and Muslim communities and there were protests in the region’s main government administrator’s office building, burning tires on the streets and blocking traffic.

The incident happened on Tuesday where 22 people got injured along with five security personnel and to keep the situation under control, a curfew has been imposed.

Officials said they needed to impose the stay-at-home order and stop people from gathering together to prevent any more clashes between the two sides.

Banke’s Chief District Officer Bipin Acharya said the curfew has been intensified, and people entering Nepal via the Jamunaha point are being escorted to their destinations.

Almost 1500 Nepalis have arrived from India along this border and they have been safely escorted to the point from where they can go to their desired destinations.

The local administration has also urged cooperation from everyone not to post any content on social media that can hurt the sentiment of either community. This will also ensure that the situation remains in control of the administration.

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