Easy Rangoli designs everyone should try

Easy Rangoli designs everyone should try

Easy Rangoli designs everyone should try.Rangoli is a fine art that originated in the Indian subcontinent, with designs made on the floor or table top, for example limestone, red guitar, dry rice flour, dye. furthermore, illuminated with quartz powder, flower petals and stones, it is a daily occurrence in Hindu families, however, colors are preferred during celebrations and other important occasions as it requires investment.
Rangoli design is usually made during Diwali or Tihar, Onam, Pongal, Sankranthi and other Hindu festivals in the Indian subcontinent, and most of the time during Diwali. Projects are passed on from one age to another, keeping both artistic expression and tradition alive.
Diwali is not just a celebration of lights but it also brings to life heads, flowers and everything. As this season approaches, people design their homes with a variety of lights, from flowers to rangoli.
Reviving homes with rangoli is a tradition that has become an integral part of our lifestyle. During Diwali, bright artistic creations are made on the doors of houses to invite pilgrims and Goddess Lakshmi.
we bring you some simple designs from Netizens, which are not only beautiful to look at but also easy to create.

Rangoli Designs & Patterns

The traditional form of rangoli used nature-based designs and designs, such as mango, creeper, flower, goose, peacock, etc. Even in traditional art forms, colors were extracted from natural colors, such as tree bark. Leaves, indigo, etc.
However, this practice is no longer in use. These days, artificial colors have more or less replaced natural colors. The materials used in today’s rangoli patterns are either very flat or give a 3-D effect. Rangoli designs currently in use include geometric patterns, swastikas, lotuses, tridents, fish, cone shells, creepers, leaves, trees, flowers, animals, and more.

Small and easy everyday Rangoli Design


The Circular Design

Peacock Rangoli designs

Creative kolam Art designs

Butterfly kolam designs


Diwali special rangoli design

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