Zubeen Garg said we will never accept CAA, will keep protesting

Zubeen Garg said we will never accept CAA, will keep protesting

Guwahati: Singer Zubeen Garg on Tuesday said that he will continue to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) and will not allow more people to die in the protests against it in Assam.
In a statement, Garg said that he has been opposing the controversial Act (then Citizenship Amendment Bill) since 2017 and his stand on it has never changed.
“I opposed the CAA and will continue to oppose it until it is repealed,” he said.
Zubeen Garg said that he does not care who belongs to which party and he only cares about the people of Assam that no one lives in the anti-CAA protests.
“From a young age, I have seen people losing their lives in protests. Similarly, we lost five boys in the CAA protests. I will not allow any more deaths in protests”, he added.
Garg, however, added that protests against CAA should be done, saying that there are different ways to protest.

He said that he will continue to protest both on stage and on social media.
He added, “People of Assam will not accept CAA even if the government forces it on us. It cannot succeed in any way. Hindu-Muslim divide does not work in Assam.”

He added that Assam is for the people of Assam and Indians. “There can be no outsiders here,” he asserted.
Zubeen Garg added that since cases against CAA are pending in the Supreme Court of India, he wants to cooperate in these cases in any way possible.

He said that he was sure that the court would definitely give a positive answer with a victory against the CAA.

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