Zoram People Movement govt 100 days program for Mizoram

Zoram People Movement govt 100 days program for Mizoram

Aizawl: Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma of Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) has outlined a series of austerity measures to be implemented during the first 100 days of the government, to tackle the major fiscal challenges facing the state. Laldohoma stressed the need for fiscal prudence and pledged to lead by example.
One of the major measures announced by the Chief Minister is a significant reduction in government expenditure. Lalduhoma revealed that members of the Council of Ministers would cut their expenses, setting the tone for civil servants to follow suit.
Notably, the Chief Minister’s Grade IV household staff will be reduced from 6 to 3, ministerial privileges will be reduced from 4 to 2, and legislative privileges will be reduced from 2. 1 will be reduced.
In a move aimed at curbing extra expenditure, Lalduhoma announced, “We will not allocate funds for the purchase of cars for legislators in every assembly term.” Earlier, each MLA was allocated Rs 8 lakh at the start of the assembly term for purchase of vehicles, which was increased to Rs 10 lakh by the General Purposes Committee in 2018.

The Chief Minister further emphasised the need for frugality by stating that new cars would not be purchased for the incoming ministers, as the vehicles from the previous term are still in good condition.

Ministers will be limited to one official car and another backup car, with no provision for additional government vehicles. Additionally, the official residences of ministers will not be furnished afresh unless deemed extremely necessary.

Highlighting a commitment to promote local industries, Lalduhoma announced that government offices requiring refurbishment will utilize materials made in Mizoram, including curtains and furniture.

He stressed the importance of resource optimization and the need for the state to rely on its products.

During official tours, ministers will be restricted in the size of their entourage, and lavish practices such as the traditional “Inzawn” or VIPs being transported on a palanquin will be banned.

Lalduhoma urged citizens to be patient, acknowledging that the first financial year starting from April 2024 would be a period of consolidation due to the acute cash crunch faced by the state.

The Chief Minister assured that while major developmental works might be deferred during the initial fiscal year, the government would focus on purchasing four cash crops produced in Mizoram—ginger, turmeric, chili, and broom grass—at minimum support prices.

Lalduhoma also announced the freezing of Rs. 150 crore allocated to the Socio-Economic Development Programme (SEDP), a flagship initiative from the previous Zoramthanga regime, and the establishment of a Resource Mobilisation Committee to explore ways to enhance the state’s resources.

Additionally, the SEDP Board and the Mizoram Subordinate Services Selection Board (MSSSB) are set to be scrapped, streamlining the administrative structure.

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