With the living conditions of Punjabi Lane in Shillong’s , they are finally relocating.


Shillong: The Harijan Panchayat Committee (HPC) in Shillong has decided to agree to relocate from Punjabi Lane with certain conditions.

The development came after a meeting between the Meghalaya government and the HPC at the Shillong Secretariat on Monday.

Briefing the media after the meeting, Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, who is also the chairman of a high-level committee set up to look into the relocation of families, said that he (HPC) had relocated with certain conditions. Have agreed to, which has been submitted and we have discussed in today’s meeting.

The state government has asked the Department of Civil Affairs to prepare a blueprint with a detailed proposal and when it does, it will notify HPC.

“There will be one more gathering with the HPC and they will plunk down with their local area and pursue a last choice,” Tynsong said.
He said no timeline has been set but expects to complete the details before May 10 or 15.

Asked what their condition was, Tynsong said HPC wanted a separate place for all 342 families.

“They additionally addressed whether once a unit is assembled, they will possess the unit, from one age to another; these are the issues they needed to get subtleties from the public authority.
The deputy chief minister added that he had not yet finalized the location for relocating the families but had identified two to three locations.

Asked if the government had appealed to the HPC to withdraw its petition in the High Court, Tin Song said it was the second meeting since the court’s intervention and that the government would continue to do so until Until she reaches a conclusion. “When we settle on these lines, we will together document an oath in the High Court to close the case,” Tynsong said.

Meanwhile, HPC secretary Garjit Singh said, “Families or landlords want a 200-square-meter plot and the government will have to bear the construction costs so that families can rebuild their individual houses.”
The HPC secretary said the government had offered him apartments in a multi-storey building, which he turned down.

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