With Embassy of Israel alliance Ziro festival to host israeli artists

With Embassy of Israel alliance Ziro festival to host israeli artists

Itanagar: The enduring partnership between Ziro Festival and the Embassy of Israel, which has thrived since 2016, continues to be a beacon of cultural exchange and artistic collaboration.

This unique collaboration transcends borders and genres, providing a platform for Israeli artists to showcase their talent in the heart of India, while also allowing Indian audiences to immerse themselves in the vibrant music scene of Israel.

This longstanding alliance has not only enriched the Ziro Festival experience but has also fostered a dynamic fusion of musical traditions, ultimately adding a valuable dimension to India’s diverse music landscape.

With each passing year, this partnership reaffirms its commitment to bridging cultures through the universal language of music, reminding us of the power of international collaboration in the world of art.

In an email interview, Reuma Mantzur, the Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Israel talks about this long relationship:

Can you tell us about the Embassy of Israel’s trip to support the Ziro Festival? What prompted this collaboration in the first place?

The Embassy of Israel’s journey of supporting the Ziro Festival began in 2016, when the festival’s founder, Anup, was invited to be a guest at music exposure events in Israel.

During his short stay, he got to know the great Israeli music scene and he subsequently invited an Israeli band to participate in the Ziro Festival in 2017.

The band’s performance was a great success, and it was clear that there was a strong mutual interest in collaborating between the festival and the Embassy.

How has the partnership between the Embassy of Israel and Ziro Festival developed over the years, and what impact has it had on Israeli musicians?

It’s been a wonderful journey witnessing the evolution of the partnership between the Embassy of Israel and the Ziro Festival over the years.

The key element that has made this collaboration so successful is the passionate and dedicated team behind the Ziro Festival, especially Anup and Lubna.

From the moment I got to know them, I realized that I was working with individuals who truly understand and love music.

This genuine love for music and the festival’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere have had a significant impact on the Israeli musicians who have performed at the Ziro Festival.

In Israel, the music scene is relatively small, and news about this festival has spread among Israeli artists. It has become a dream for many of them to be a part of this festival.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Ziro Festival. How does the Embassy of Israel view this milestone, and what can festival goers expect from the Israeli acts, Danny Kuttner and Angata, in celebration of this occasion?

The Embassy of Israel sees the festival’s tenth anniversary as a testament to the enduring power of music and cultural exchange.

We look forward to celebrating this milestone alongside the Ziro Festival community and offering festival-goers unforgettable performances by these talented Israeli artists.

To mark this special occasion, the Embassy of Israel is delighted to bring two exceptional Israeli acts to the Ziro Festival stage.

Danny Kuttner, a rising star in the Israeli music scene, embodies creativity and positivity, setting the perfect tone for the festival’s unique atmosphere.

Her performance promises to be a harmonious and uplifting experience that resonates with the festival’s spirit.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce Angata, a talented Israeli duo known for their fusion of electronic music and live instruments.

Their presence aligns perfectly with the festival’s new initiative—the electronic stage, creating a dynamic and immersive musical experience for festival-goers.

We are confident that both Danny Kutner and Angata will captivate and delight the festival audience with their outstanding performances.

How do you see music and cultural events like Ziro Festival playing a role in strengthening cultural ties between Israel and India?

Music and cultural events like the Ziro Festival serve as vibrant bridges for strengthening cultural ties between Israel and India, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation through the universal language of music.

Can you share some insights into the process of selecting Israeli musicians to perform at the festival? What criteria are considered when choosing artists to represent Israel at Ziro?

The festival directors are well-acquainted with the Israeli music scene, often reaching out with specific artist requests.

If their choices aren’t available, I assist in finding acts within the same genre. Typically, we prioritize artists with a more global appeal, focusing on those who perform in English or have instrumental ensembles.

Rest assured, our selection always showcases the best and most talented musicians Israel has to offer.

The Ziro Festival is set to take place in the Ziro valley of Arunachal Pradesh. Know more about it, here: www.zirofestival.com.

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