Watch: In Churachandpur, 10 hurt after police stop rally against activist’s arrest


Churachandpur: Manipur police in New Delhi on Wednesday during a massive protest against the alleged arrest of International Human Rights Association President Dr. Mark Thangmang Haokipin Manipur’s Churachandpurdistrict allegedly killed at least At least 10 protesters were injured.
The incident took place when the planned peaceful protest against the arrest of a human rights activist turned out to be ugly as the police did not allow the protest due to lack of permission.
Under the leadership of the SP Shrinand Survey, police threw tear gas and smoke bombs to disperse protesters at the KIC complex in Chora Chandpur’s Twobong, which resulted in the injuries.

At least three policemen were injured when protesters hurled stones at them, police said.

In the afternoon, the protesters, armed with stones and sticks, blocked the main Teddy Road by burning stones, wood, tires and erecting traffic barriers, resulting in a complete ban on the movement of vehicles on the hill. Sources said that the district.
According to Mimin Lungdim, one of the protesters, they tried peacefully to express their demands but the government used divisive tactics and stopped them. “We are not happy and we will not stop until Dr. Haokip is released and justice prevails,” Lungdim said.


Another protester said that the arrest of Dr. Haokip was a violation of human rights, so we want a peaceful solution. “We ask our Zooms and Cookie brothers to help us get Dr. Haokip justice and release him,” he said.

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