Using fake facebook accounts Assam police cite youth as ULFA-I

ULFA (I) claims responsibility for Using fake facebook accounts Assam police cite youth as ULFA-I

Guwahati: “Assam Police have opened several fake Facebook accounts and are using them in the names of youth from the state, to falsely implicate them as ULFA-I members.”

The allegation was made by ULFA-I in a statement on Wednesday (September 13).
“The Assam Police in connivance with a section of traitors have opened fake Facebook accounts using photos and credentials of ULFA-I members,” the organization said.

It added: “The Assam Police is using these accounts to identify and later arrest youths from the state, who sympathize with the cause of ULFA-I, falsely portraying them as our cadres.”
The ULFA-I has also warned the Assam Police against using pictures of its members on social media to “harass innocent civilians”.
The ULFA-I asked the Assam Police to stop its “make and grab policy” or “be prepared to face dire consequences”.

ULFA-I added that it is “not a terrorist organisation”.
“It is better that the Assam Police understand that ULFA-I is not a terrorist organisation,” the organization said.

“ULFA-I is a revolutionary political organization. So, if someone supports it, it is not a crime,” the organization added.

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