UPF, KNO talks to Govt Kukis demand “Solution first, Peace next”

UPF, KNO talks to Govt Kukis demand "Solution first, Peace next"

Manipur: Thousands of Kukis took part in a dharna protest at Keithelmanbi Military Colony in Champhai Sub-Division of Kangpokpi District on May 23, conveying their unanimous stand of “solution first, peace first” to the central government. The Kuki protesters demanded that any solution should be based on political dialogue between the United People’s Front (UPF) and the Kuki National Organization (KNO) with the Government of India and the Government of Manipur.
During the protest, the Kuki community made it clear that they will not accept any peace process initiated by the government until their problems are addressed and a solution is provided. Committee on Tribal Unity, President Hills, speaking to the media, expressed his dismay at the government’s insistence on peace without addressing the sufferings and grievances of the Kuki people.
Highlighting the various challenges faced by IDPs in the relief camps of Kangpokpi district, a member of the Tribal Unity Committee pointed out the lack of food, clothing, medical facilities and other basic amenities. The emotionally charged atmosphere underscored the urgent need for a solution based on political dialogue between the UPF, KNO and the governments.
An internally displaced person who joined the protest said that he would sacrifice his personal losses if the central government addressed his problems with a solution. The plight of the IDPs was further brought to light by a woman from Bongbal Khullen, who is currently staying in a relief camp, who described the burning of villages and looting by commandos and metes. Experiences were shared.
The Kuki community is now looking for answers and help, questioning why they are being subjected to such suffering and appealing to the central government for help. They are hopeful that their appeals will be heard and the authorities will help them in this dire situation.
To draw more attention to their plight, another sit-in has been scheduled in Saparmeina on May 24, with the aim of getting urgent attention from the central government to address the challenges faced by the Kuki people.

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