United Naga Council, Civil Society demands NRC in Manipur.


Imphal: The Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) and the United Naga Council (UNC) has asked the Manipur government to adopt the National Register of Citizenship (NRC) to curb the influx of migrants from neighboring countries.

In a memorandum presented to Chief Minister Ann Baron Singh, civil society groups urged the state government to address the important issue of irregular influx of refugees and illegal immigrants in Manipur since 1947.
Both organizations said the influx of migrants posed regional, economic and socio-political threats to local people.

Civil society groups in Manipur allege that a large number of illegal immigrants are constantly migrating to the state from the long unsafe international borders of Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal.
Civil society groups say the influx of migrants has adversely affected the population, social order and geographical topography, which often reflects ethnic, racial, religious and political tensions in the state.

The groups also claim that illegal immigrants own land.

Many unrecognized villages have sprung up in the last few decades in some hill districts of Manipur, and the state government has remained a silent spectator.
The groups further allege that the current social unrest, conflicts, chaos and sectarian tensions that continue among diverse sections of society are closely linked to population imbalances and land issues.

“Many of the current socio-political unrest in the state are the result of direct or indirect influx of migrants and illegal immigrants from neighboring states / countries, especially Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal,” he said.
It further said that the locals of Manipur could no longer afford to remain silent as this threat was having a negative impact on the future and welfare of the natives.

Civil society groups also warned that if the current situation was allowed to continue, more serious undesirable ethnic conflicts and violence would ensue in the state. To prevent such untoward incidents, appropriate and timely intervention is required from the state government to ascertain the status of such citizenship and lands.

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