Unification of regional parties called on by United Democratic Party

Unification of regional parties called on by United Democratic Party

Shillong: The United Democratic Party (UDP) in Meghalaya has renewed its call to all regional parties in the state to unite.

The party believes that a strong regional force would be in a better position to address local issues and negotiate with the central government.

UDP general secretary Jemino Mawthoh expressed that the party’s performance in the recent Assembly elections, and the anti-Congress/NPP vote division in the Shillong Lok Sabha constituency, could have been stronger with regional unity.

Mawthoh downplayed the ideological differences between regional and national parties, suggesting they largely focus on similar issues.

He emphasized the importance of a unified regional voice in understanding and navigating central-state relations.

The United Democratic Party (UDP) acknowledged its past efforts to unite regional parties, achieved to some extent with the HSPDP under the Regional Democratic Alliance umbrella.

Mawthoh extended an invitation to other parties with similar goals to join the effort.

He expressed concern about the negative campaigning tactics witnessed during the recent Lok Sabha polls, including personal attacks between political leaders.

Mawthoh also praised the UDP and HSPDP for maintaining a civil campaign strategy.

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