ULFA pro, Assam govt and Center meet in Delhi, 11 demands issue

ULFA pro, Assam govt and Center meet in Delhi, 11 demands issue

The tripartite peace talks involving the Central government, Assam’s administration, and the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) pro-talk faction were held today in Delhi.

At the heart of these talks lies a 4-member delegation from the ULFA pro-talk faction, led by Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa and Anup Chetia, who convened in the national capital for the discussions.

Speaking exclusively to Press, Anup Chetia, the General Secretary of the pro-talks faction of ULFA, stated that the discussions have not yet been completed.

All the topics were thoroughly discussed during the meeting, including our demands. The main focus was on political issues and topics, particularly the political rights of the indigenous Assamese people.

ULFA(I) Chief Paresh Baruah’s topic was not part of the meeting’s agenda as the talks were with the pro-talks faction and not with the faction led by Paresh Baruah. A total of 11 demands were presented. The meeting yielded positive outcomes, with Interlocutor AK Mishra present. Our ULFA delegation consisted of four members.

Anup Chetia expounded that the primary agenda was centered around the discourse and advocacy for political safeguards for their members who have relinquished arms. He emphasized that while the discussions are ongoing, the main thrust was on safeguarding political rights, a key concern for their faction.

The topic of ULFA(I) Chief Paresh Baruah was notably absent from the discussions, owing to the specific focus on the pro-talks faction rather than the faction under Paresh Baruah. A total of 11 demands were put forth during the talks, marking a comprehensive engagement on various fronts.

The atmosphere of the meeting was positively inclined, with Interlocutor AK Mishra’s presence lending support to the proceedings. The ULFA delegation, comprising four members, played an active role in the discussions, representing their interests and perspectives.

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