Ukhrul woman turned her garden into an organic farm

Ukhrul woman turned her garden into an organic farm

Organic Farm

Ukhrul: The Ukhrul landscape has kitchen gardens of all shapes and sizes, but there is something that sets Lungmi Shingnaisui’s garden apart from the rest. It is no longer just a kitchen garden to supplement what she buys from the market.
Mind you, seven years ago, things were very different.

At the time, Shingasui wanted to ensure less dependence on the market. Like most beginners, Shinnaisui started small, with familiar plants: cabbage, spinach and celery, and after a few months, she realized she could sell some of the produce to supplement her family income. . He never looked back after that.
Today, there is an incredibly high demand for Shingnasui produce in Ukhrul district as more and more people become increasingly conscious about healthy eating and living, especially after the pandemic.
Soon, her dedication and love for gardening transformed her vegetable garden into a Organic Farm, fruits, flowers and vegetables.
As production increased, and so did demand, Shangnaisui had to make an important decision: Should she choose commercial fertilizers for quick and high turnover, or stick with organic? In the end, the choice, Shinnaisui says, was easy: “Although it’s laborious and time-consuming, it’s rewarding to see a garden full of organic vegetables, flowers and plants.

I enjoy looking at the garden, especially in the morning. at the time of,” he said, adding that he was completely dependent on organic fertilizers such as cow dung and pig dung.
Over time, celery, cabbage and spinach from his farm have become favorites among his neighbors. He has now introduced lettuce, bok choy and Chinese cabbage (Napa cabbage), which he says are in high demand, especially among the youth.
Shingnasui currently supplies three greengrocers, who buy large quantities of the farm’s produce every day.

“Earlier, I used to supply vegetables to Awa Market (Mother’s Market) as well. But these days, vegetable vendors come here and pick the produce themselves,” he said.But that’s not all: customers can also visit his farm and pick their favorite vegetables directly.

So the next time you’re in Ukhrul, you can add Shinnaisui Farm to your to-do list!

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