Two years after the Baghjan oil field disaster, worrying health concerns


Tinsukia: Two years after the Baghjan oil field disaster, worrying health concerns , Ritu Chandra Moran’s wife Bornali Moran, 40, saw her home burn down during the 2020 garden disaster. She often went to a private hospital in Tinsukia, 20 km away. After returning to his old house in front of Oil Rig owned by Oil India Limited, he started complaining of frequent abdominal pain which started on May 27, 2020. Bornali’s medical tests revealed swelling in the thyroid gland. The doctors prescribed her medication which she may have to take for the rest of her life.
When residents in and around BGN-5 were evacuated to relief camps, Moran and thousands of others underwent medical examinations. “We got some medicine when people, especially the elderly, started complaining of headaches and fevers. There were floods on one side and Corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic on the other. My husband was in shock, and he Has not eaten for a long time, “she recalls. After receiving an interim compensation of Rs. He used to travel from his house to Baghjan.

In the absence of long-term monitoring of any health illness caused by the blowout, Moran suspects that families who used to boil their water from tube wells for drinking, and many others, are becoming ill. “The taste of the water is strong. When we make tea wine, the water turns completely black. No one has told us that the water is not drinkable,” added Bornali Moran. Her neighbor, Kajali Saikia (42) and her husband, Amal (54), complain of nausea and lack of sleep, even though many residents have complained of skin infections, especially in children.

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