Tripura: Tepra-BJP feud escalates, BJP office vandalized


Agartala: Rising animosity between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and TIPRA Motha, the ruling party in the state’s Autonomous District Council (ADC), is now facing violent confrontation.

In a clash between BJP and Tepra supporters, a party office of the Saffron Party was vandalized in Mandwai Bazaar under West Tripura district, and office furniture was set on fire on Sunday. Local BJP leaders have accused TEPRA supporters of unprovoked attacks, while TEPRA has said that any of its workers should be arrested if they have done anything wrong.

Sources said that tensions were brewing in the council area of Khai Rai village under Jirania police station around the BJP’s membership program.

“Some people first tried to disrupt the BJP’s inclusion program but to no avail. On their way back from the inauguration ceremony, a gang of thugs broke into the Mandal office in Mandwai Bazaar and vandalized it. The wrecked furniture was dragged on the road and set on fire, ”said SDPO Jirania, Himadri Prasad Das.

Local BJP leaders have condemned the incident and said TEPRA should not disturb the peace.

“Our party office has been vandalized, valuable furniture and documents have been burnt in broad daylight by TIPRA Motha supporters. Many people were around when the miscreants attacked our office but still someone stopped them. This indicates an atmosphere of fear that the people of TIPRA have succeeded in creating, “said BJP Mandal president Abhijeet Debbarma .

Questioning the Thansa(unity) slogan, Debbarma said what kind of unity he was talking about. “While all our workers were engaged in the induction program, the attacks were carried out in a cowardly manner. Our party honored Maharaja Bir Bikram, and the people of the party, led by his grandson, tore down the portraits of the Maharaja,” Debbarma said.

About 56 voters joined the saffron party during the inauguration ceremony. Reacting to the issue, TIPRA chief Pradyot Kishore Debbarman said that if there was any evidence that TIPRA supporters were involved in the violence, the police should arrest them.

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