Tripura: Police official suspended for ‘torturing’ video journalist in custody


An authority of the Tripura police division has been suspended for supposedly tormenting a video columnist, who was captured on Tuesday night.

Nitai Dey, the video columnist, was supposedly tormented by the official responsible for College Tilla Outpost in Tripura while in care of Tripura police.

The suspended cop has been recognized as Arindam Roy.

Departmental procedures have been started against Arindam Roy – the official responsible for College Tilla Outpost in Tripura.

In the interim, Nitai Dey has stopped a FIR with respect to his capture and ensuing ‘torment’ in police guardianship.

“On the interceding evening of Tuesday-Wednesday at Radhanagar Petrol Pump close to Tripura Gramin Bank, I was in a line to refuel my motorbike. At the point when I was moving toward the fuel gadget, a police officer distinguished as Arindam Roy, snatched me and hauled me out of the line and began utilizing swearwords against me with practically no incitement or issue on my part,” the FIR enrolled by Dey read.

The FIR added: “Roy put me into the police van alongside some furnished staff who attacked and took steps to kill me inside the van. After arriving at East Agartala police headquarters, Roy drove me into the OC’s chamber and emptied unfamiliar alcohol into my mouth, and began beating me. At a certain point, I tumbled down and he squeezed his boots on my chest and took steps to kill me except if I reveal names of certain columnists working for a couple of specific news channels and web media. He proposed to deliver me relying on the prerequisite that I let him know the name.”

In the interim, video writer Nitai Dey was allowed bail by a neighborhood court.


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