Tripura people suffer more after voting to CPIM, Pradyot criticizes

Tripura people suffer more after voting to CPIM, Pradyot criticizes

Agartala: The former chairman of Tipra Motha, Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman on Tuesday lashed the CPIM saying that Tripura people suffered under their regime despite voting for them and this mistake will never be repeated again.

Pradyot’s reaction came after CPIM state committee secretary Jitendra Chaudhury claimed that the principal opposition political party TIPRA Motha in Tripura is deceiving and taking advantage of the indigenous people in the name of Greater Tipraland demand.

“The same communist opposed the creation of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council but could not prevent it.

The same communists show empathy for the Israel-Palestine conflict but overlook the plight of the indigenous people of Tripura! Tripura people suffered under your rule despite voting for you, this mistake will never be repeated again”, he said.

He also asked the CPIM leader whether he had any solution or not.

“Looks like we Tipra have finally got the left wing and right wing to speak the same language. Everyone unites when the indigenous people try to assert their constitutional rights! Their interest is rooted in denying the Tribals their rights”, said Pradyot.

Pradyot further stated, “People may speak and think whatever they want, but we must provide something for our next generation.

The voices of indigenous people are being suppressed across India, and nobody seems to care about their perspectives.

Everyone only engages in grandiose rhetoric. This state, this kingdom, was once ours, but it was taken from us. This state belonged to the Tiprasa people.

We are asserting our rights, which is not a crime. We are demanding our rights to our land, in our own states. We are not begging.

Our time will come. For a long time, injustice has been inflicted upon us, but I believe that if we do not betray our own people, then one day the future of indigenous communities will improve.”

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