Tripura: IPFT leaders are on the battlefield for the post of President.


Agartala: In a major political development, the junior coalition in the Tripura government, along with two of the most influential leaders of the IPFT party, are engaged in a battle for the post of party president, with the party seeing a rift in rank and file. Is.

Incumbent party president Mayur Kumar Jamiat accused his predecessor NC Debabarma of violating the party’s constitution by calling the elected state committee “illegal”, while the party’s former supremo called the formation of a new state committee an “electoral process”. Declared “destroyed”.The crisis in the ruling party has sparked outrage as senior party leaders have expressed frustration over the issue.

Former IPFT president NC Debabarma on Tuesday met members of the party’s central committee and announced the election process in which a new committee headed by his successor Mayur Kumar Jamiat was elected. Was full of

With respect, Debabarma was appointed Chairman of the Advisory Committee. But within months, Debbarma revolted against the current state committee.
It is worth mentioning here that the election for the new state committee was held on April 3. Mayur Kumar Jamiat, who was the general secretary of IPFT, defeated Debrama and took over the reins of the party.

Reacting strongly to the issue, IPFT President Mayur Kumar Jamia said that the entire election process was conducted in the presence of Debbarma and he did not object to it.
“Members of the Central Committee of all 34 divisions voted for the new president. At the age of 85, it is very unfortunate if he feels the party is breaking up just to maintain his position.” The Jamiat said.

The IPFT has suffered a series of setbacks since the formation of the government, and the rise of the TIPRA, led by the royal family, led by Kishore Deberman, has led to massive cuts in its support base. It remains to be seen, however, how the party will overcome the clouds of potential division that hover over it.

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