Tripura: Heavy rain, floods cripple life, displace over 2000 people


Tripura: Heavy rain, and floods cripple life, and displace over 2000 people On Saturday, officials said that more than 2,000 people had been displaced due to floods in the Saddar sub-division of west Tripura district due to torrential rains, officials said on Saturday.

West Tripura district has received 155 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours, inundating several low-lying areas along the Howrah River.

“The water level in the Howrah River is rising slightly above the danger level, which threatens many low-lying areas in the southern part of Agartala. If more rains occur, the situation could worsen,” the president’s sub-divisional magistrate said.
He claimed that the northeastern region, which had “barely seen progress” during the Congress rule, was moving towards prosperity under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Continuous rains have disrupted life in the capital, Agartala, disrupting normal activities.

Heavy rains flooded all major roads and markets. School buses and private vehicles were swept away in the floods, while employees in several offices had to rescue civil defense volunteers.

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