Tripura has recorded a deficit of 18%, but pre-monsoon rains will continue.


Agartala: Monsoon has not officially entered Tripura. However, heavy pre-monsoon rains in Agartala have wreaked havoc and flooded low-lying areas. Many of the city’s roads were flooded as rainwater flowed from the city’s drains.
However, Nahush Kalkarni, director of the Tripura State Office of the Indian Meteorological Department, said the rainfall recorded so far is about 360.8 mm, which is well below the average of 453 mm.
The deficit is estimated at 18% but there is nothing to worry about as it is normal. Will go

Initially, he said, the rainfall reduction was 63%, when the entire state was engulfed in intense heat waves. However, the pre-monsoon rains brought relief to the people of the state.
Asked about the arrival of the monsoon, he said that the monsoon is constantly moving towards the northeast. “It is predicted that the monsoon will enter Kerala on May 27 and accordingly we will provide regular updates on the movement of monsoon in India,” he said.

The rain has made the temperature somewhat more tolerable as it recently touched the 41 degree Celsius mark.

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