Tripura: Fund crisis grips TTAADC as government approves only 11% of budget proposals


Agartala: Tripura: Fund crisis grips TTAADC as government approves only 11% of budget proposals Tripura’s tribal council areas are facing financial difficulties, with the state government allegedly blocking the flow of funds due to a conflict of “political interests”.

District council areas are still in deficit of Rs. 56 crore, which is payable to its employees, officials said.
Executive Officer, Finance, Ramkrishna Debabarma said, “The TTAADC Council had passed a budget proposal of about Rs. 5,500 crore and in principle it was forwarded to the State Government. Rs. 115 crore has been sanctioned and, till May 31, Rs. 115 crore has been released by the end of the state government.
Asked about the previous allocations, Debbarma said, “In the last financial year, the state government had allocated Rs 584 crore for ADC areas. In the current financial year, the allocation was slightly increased but now What we have got so far is insufficient. We have a deficit of Rs. 56 crore in payment of salaries to the employees.
Pradyot Kishore Debbarma , Chairman, Tripura Tribal Areas District Council, Ruling TIPRA Motha, said, “TTAADC has always been deprived of funds. While the inflation rate has crossed 8%, technically, the growth of TTA ADC is moving in a negative direction.
On the other hand, he said, the state budget has been increased by about 40%. “The state budget was a little over Rs 21,000 crore last year, a huge increase of 40 per cent. This year, the state assembly has passed a budget of Rs 26,000 crore for the whole year. This clearly shows the difference. Yes, “DeBerman pointed out.
Justifying his statement, Debrama said, “Out of the sanctioned amount of Rs 619 crore, Rs 200 crore is for the salaries of government employees of Tripura who are serving on deputation in the District Council here and the rest is the same amount.” Not enough for the development of a wide geographical area.

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