Tripura: Can Tepra be the new big brother of small, backward parties?


Agartala: Launched as a party focusing on the tribal-majority hilly region of the state, the TIPRAIndigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA), led by the royal family of Tripura, led by Pradyot Kishore Debbarman, gradually merged into smaller and backward regional parties. The umbrella is taking the form of an organization.

This became clear when the party in a surprise move fielded a candidate for the SC’s safe Surma Assembly constituency.
In addition, two smaller political parties – the Tripura Democratic Front and the Tripura Banchita Janata Brigade – working extensively for the rights of disadvantaged groups such as SCs, OBCs and minorities, have extended their support to TIPRA.

TIPRA made headlines when it seized power in the tribal council areas, ending a 15-year monopoly on left-wing parties.
Speaking at a press conference on the alliance, TIPRA Chairman Pradyot Kishore Debbarman said, “This is an important message for those who continue to brand us as a partisan political party. We belong to another community. We believe in the dynamic secular fabric of the state and thus have given a ticket to a person belonging to the Indian community for the Surma Assembly constituency.
The parties that are joining hands with us today also believe in our ideology. We want to ensure that people from disadvantaged backgrounds get elected and become the voice of their community in the Assembly House. Today, 10,323 teachers are being used as a political weapon, but when one of them becomes their voice and raises their issues in the assembly, the whole state will listen carefully. That’s why we’ve got a retired teacher on the field, “said Debbarman .

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