Tripura: 3 forest authorities attacked after by lumber bootleggers, one basic


As the three-member forest troopers entered deeper into the forest, the smugglers armed with clubs and other blunt weapons, attacked them, a senior forest department official said.

Agartala: Three woods authorities supported wounds, one of them truly, after a posse of lumber runners went after the on the job authorities.

Sources expressed, in light of a tip off, the three backwoods watches from Teliamura timberland range under Khowai region arrived at profound woods areas of Mungiakami region late on Saturday .

When the officers entered further into the woodland, the bootleggers, furnished with clubs and other gruff weapons, went after them, a senior timberland official of the area said.

“The woods division maintains attacking mystery safe-houses of lumber bootleggers situated in profound timberlands. In some cases we prevail with regards to busting them, while on certain events the dealers figure out how to get away. On Saturday, an information was gotten by our specialization that a gathering of wood runners are felling mature trees inside the woodland. Likewise, a group of three officers were dispatched to examine the matter,” the authority said.

“A gathering of around 50 to 60 wood dealers were inside the woodland. At the point when they arrived at the spot and cautioned the runners of critical results, the bootleggers fought back and overwhelmed them. They were pounded heartlessly and every one of them were brought to medical clinic in difficult condition,” the authority added.

Among the harmed people, Shankar Goala,58, got grave wounds on his head. “He was draining lavishly. He got seven lines on his head and, after essential treatment, the specialists alluded him to GBP Hospital Agartala,” the authority added.

On getting data about the assault, a greater group of woods authorities arrived at the spot and safeguarded them. Moreover, the wood conveying van and a bike having a place with one of the runners were seized.

On being reached, SDPO Teliamura Sonacharan Jamatia said, “We have gotten the data however the woods division has not recorded a FIR regarding the case up until this point. We have addressed the senior authorities of the woodland division. When the FIR is stopped, we will begin the examination.”

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