Torture against Naga girls in Manipur, women union calls for action

Torture against Naga girls in Manipur, women union calls for action

Imphal: In the wake of increasing violence and targeted harassment in Manipur, the Naga Women’s Union has issued a strong plea to stop the intimidation and abduction of Naga women by armed miscreants.
The union’s demand comes in the wake of disturbing incidents that have shaken the Naga community in Manipur.
As the festive spirit of Christmas grips the region, Union President, Ch. Priscilla Thiumai decried the disturbing trend of armed criminals continuing to carry out coercive operations under the guise of tax or extortion.

In a press statement, the union stated- “In the guise of the status quo, armed malefactors and miscreants creating chaos in the valley and hills have not spared, targeting the ladies belonging to Naga community, physically harassing and abducting them to unknown locations by armed miscreants is not acceptable at all by human right agencies and global communities.

The cases of demands, threats, and abductions for ransoms on innocent civilians, especially women is a villainous act that will not serve the larger aspiration of the state and the nation. This notoriety will lead to nowhere but deep prejudices against whatever community the armed miscreants belong to.

The armed miscreants operating in groups or units, as reported, are undertaking a serious yet unwarranted route to calamitous doom for the state of Manipur. It is not good to be forgotten that a thing which seems good for one is harming the other. In the like manner, extortions and abductions taking place is not a sign of civilized society.”

As the festive season approaches, the Naga Women’s Union stands firm in its stance against the harassment of women and calls for support from all Civil Society Organizations to foster peaceful coexistence through mutual understanding and kindness.

The community remains vigilant, hoping for justice and an end to the threats that have cast a shadow over their lives.

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