To support separate administration, Kuki-Zo held nationwide rallies

To support separate administration, Kuki-Zo held nationwide rallies

Imphal: Thousands of people from the Kuki-Zo community took out a nationwide rally, demanding a separate administration. The rally was held in several cities, showing the community’s strong desire for administrative independence.
People marched in 9 towns, cities and 17 different villages across the country today during a nationwide rally to demand a separate administration for the Kuki-Zo tribe in Manipur.

The rally was organized under the auspices of Zo United, the parent body of CSOs for all Kuki-Zo clans in Manipur.
People condemned the Manipur state government and carried placards like “Separate administration is the only solution”, “Soil government, down, down”, “Tribal area, tribal government” and “No solution, no rest”.

The Kuki-Zo kindred family have endured seven months of ethnic cleansing attack by the majority Meiteis, who controls the government, and the Kuki-Zo kindred family have borne the brunt of the violence with 203 villages totally burnt down, more than 7000 house burnt down to ashes, 152 souls have lost lives and more than 50,000 displaced.

“The majoritarian policies of the Biren Singh government led to tensions and a complete breakdown of trust between the Meiteis and the tribals. This eventually led to the outbreak of the violence,”.

“We have been butchered and chased out of the capital and the valley areas. Radical are publicly saying they will not stop until they chase us all out of Manipur. There is no longer any hope for Kuki-Zo kindred tribes to live a dignified life in a state controlled by the Meitei community. A separate administration is the only option for us.”

Further Zo United also highlighted a list of issues which coerced them to seek for ‘separate administration’.

The tribal organisation claimed that Kuki-Zo kindred tribes have been chased out of the capital and the prosperous valley areas with no possibility of going back.

All major government and private learning Centres –technical institutes, hospitals, offices and the state’s only airport – are located in Imphal and are now inaccessible to the tribes.

Slamming the Biren Singh-led government, the Zo United asserted that the Meitei-controlled state government and police have openly sided with the majority community, with commandos leading attacks on tribal villages.

Also, the tribal body claimed that thousands of government-issued weapons and lakhs of ammunition were handed over to the Meitei population in Imphal and nearby areas and these are being used to hunt and kill tribals.

Groups like Arambai Tenggol, Meitei Leepun and COCOMI have publicly declared that they will not rest until they kill everyone from the Kuki-Zo kindred tribes or chase all out of Manipur.

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