To save indigenous people future, IPFT echos demand of Tipraland

To save indigenous people future, IPFT echos demand of Tipraland

Agartala: The Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), a key ally of the BJP-led government in Tripura, met the state governor, Indrasena Reddy, and expressed their long-standing desire for Tipraland. Emphasized to fulfill the welfare of indigenous communities.
A delegation of seven IPFT members, including party president Prem Kumar Reang and Cooperation Minister Sukla Charan Noatia, presented their demand to the Tripura Governor during a meeting late on Monday (November 21) evening.
The IPFT has continuously sought the establishment of a “separate Tipraland” since 2009, emphasizing the chronic and diverse challenges faced by the indigenous people of Tripura over the past 75 years.
In a memorandum, IPFT leaders highlighted concerns such as population explosion attributed to significant influx of foreign nationals.

“The indigenous people, who were once the rulers of Tripura, have dwindled into a marginalized minority due to massive illegal infiltration and settlement from Bangladesh.

Over the last 75 years, indigenous people have endured exploitation, oppression, suppression, atrocities, and deprivation of basic necessities as Indian citizens,” the memorandum stated.

It further underscored the persistent lack of civic amenities, quality education, drinking water facilities, road connectivity, sanitation, and healthcare in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council Scheduled hill area.

The IPFT leaders emphasized that the indigenous people of the state aspire to survive with their distinct identity, safety, and security, akin to other citizens in the national mainstream.

Referring to the pre-poll political alliance between BJP and IPFT in 2018, the leaders pointed out the assurance given before the General Election to the Tripura Legislative Assembly.

They highlighted the formation of the Inter-ministerial High-Level Modality Committee, stating that the final recommendation reports have been pending for over six years.

In light of the above challenges and conditions, the IPFT asserted that the creation of Tipraland is the sole permanent solution to address the listed problems and ensure the survival, security, and safeguarding of the indigenous people in their homeland.

The memorandum concluded with a plea to the governor, requesting his support in conveying their demand to the Government of India for the greater interest of Tripura’s indigenous population.

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