To end child marriage by 2030 millions hold candle march in Assam

To end child marriage by 2030 millions hold candle march in Assam

Guwahati: In an almost unprecedented show of solidarity for a social cause under government directives, hundreds of villages across 20 districts of Assam held awareness programs where an unprecedented number of men, women and children Took a pledge to end child marriage.
Earlier this week, various government departments had written to officers and other stakeholders to fully participate in the ‘Child Marriage Free India’ campaign and pledge to make Assam child marriage free.
From police stations to courtrooms, panchayats and community centres, from young children to elderly women who have survived child marriage, with millions of people across the country joining and pledging to end child marriage. There was a great response.
Child Marriage Free India is a nationwide campaign led by women activists and 160 civil society organizations in over 300 districts to end child marriage in India by 2030.
Throughout the day, scenes across the state were festive and celebratory as the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and determination and the late evening candle march, led by women survivors, saw the participation of an array of people from all walks of life. went With the message that child marriage has no place in the new Assam.
According to UNICEF estimates, if progress continues at the current rate, millions more girls across India will be forced into child marriage by at least 2050.
A new book ‘When Children Have Children: Tipping Point To End Child Marriage’ by prominent child rights activist and lawyer Bhawan Ribhu, released last week as part of the campaign, outlines How to reach the children’s tipping point. Marriage itself by 2030, and has cast a new ray of hope and developed a strategy for a coalition of NGOs working as part of the Child Marriage Free India campaign.
Dissecting the reality of child marriage and its consequences, the book says, “Child marriage is child rape. It results in child pregnancy, which can result in the death of the child.”
“Child marriage has been embedded in our social fabric for centuries and despite being a crime, child marriage has not gone away. However, witnessing the immense and almost unprecedented support from all sections of society, I feel like India is on its way to making history,” said Ravi Kant, Country Head, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF).
“This movement is spreading like wildfire and with the commitment shown by state governments, our children can finally thrive in a country where their rights are guaranteed and protected. It is commendable that governments in all states are on a mission to end child marriage and gives a new momentum and confidence to this whole cause,” he said.
The National Family Health Survey-V (NFHS 2019-21) reports that nationally 23.3% of women between the ages of 20-24 were married before the age of 18, compared to 31.8% in Assam.

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