To discuss Manipur crisis, Nagaland group meet Kuki leaders

To discuss Manipur crisis, Nagaland group meet Kuki leaders

Dimapur: Chakhroma Public Organization (CPO) on Saturday organized a liaison meeting with leaders of Kuki villages under Chakhroma jurisdiction in Nagaland, in an effort to push for a solution to the ongoing crisis in Manipur.

The meeting was held at the CPO Hall in Chümoukedima, and was attended by CPO President Zhato Kimho, Joint Secretary Thejangukho Yalietsu, and representatives of Kuki villages.
The CPO expressed concern over the ongoing conflict between Kukis and Meiteis in Manipur, and said it was imperative to find an early and amicable solution.

The organization also said it would continue to provide assistance to displaced Kuki villagers who sought refuge in the Chakhroma area.
In a statement after the meeting, the CPO said he reaffirmed his declaration of July 31, 1995, to promote better understanding among all communities living in the Chakhroma region.

The organization urged all parties to the conflict in Manipur to work together to find a peaceful solution.
The meeting was also attended by representatives of Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), Nagaland Peace Center (NPC), and United Naga Council (UNC).

These organizations also expressed their concern about the Manipur crisis and demanded an early solution.
The CPO meeting is an important step in trying to find a solution to the Manipur crisis. The organization’s willingness to work with Kuki villages and other stakeholders is a positive sign, and hopefully their efforts will be successful.

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