To defeat BJP AL Hek, 50 worker joins Congress to support Syiem

To defeat BJP AL Hek, 50 worker joins Congress to support Syiem

Shillong: More than 50 BJP supporters from Shillong’s Pynthorumkhrah constituency joined the Congress on Friday to support the Congress Pynthorumkhrah candidate PN Syiem.

The supporters were led by former NCP candidate from Pynthorumkhrah, predecessor Rumnong and BJP Mandal general secretary Philby Lyngdoh.
Member of the District Council (MDC) PN Syiem said leaders and supporters joined the Congress to bring about change in the constituency which has been lagging behind for 25 years.

Pynthorumkhrah is the stronghold of BJP MLA AAL Hack, and he has been winning for the last five terms.
“There are many issues that need to be addressed. Twenty-five years under the MLA AL hek…Pynthorumkhrah people know better than me. There is no development with a playground or entertainment center for children. There is no water supply, today people are of one mind, and that is to support the Congress,” said Syiem.
Rumnong said the constituency has a lot of potential for growth, but it hasn’t gotten anywhere under Hek’s leadership. He alleged that there was no proper community hall and people had high expectations from the hack but nothing materialised.

Pynthorumkhrah Constituency has a mixed population of tribals and non-tribals. There are 15 polling stations under this constituency with around 31,000 voters.
Talking about his preparations for the February 27 polls, Syiem said, “Many candidates are popping up like mushrooms in Pynthorumkhrah… I am an MDC and have played a long innings in politics so I I know the art of politics.”

So far, the BJP has not released its list of candidates. However, it is expected that Haque will again contest from this constituency. Other opponents include NPP candidates Rocky Hek and Samborlang Diengdoh, who were earlier TMC candidates but are now contesting as independents.

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