TNWL Issues Statement Against Portrayal Of ‘Vulgarity’ During Lai Haraoba


Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long has had a problem with the utilization of “profanity” in a new Lai Haraoba which depicted the custom Tangkhul Nurabi/Loutaba in a “disagreeable” way.

The Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (TNWL) on Friday said giving this articulation against the depiction of obscenity during Lai Haraoba is constrained. It is an incredible irreverence to the way of life of Tangkhul people group.

“We regard the conviction frameworks of each and every local area and any humanized is supposed to be lenient. In any case, the as of late closed lai haraoba, depicting the custom Tangkhul Nurabi/Loutaba is disagreeable. It presents the Tangkhul people group in an extremely unfortunate light. Such obscenity as amusement and fine art is condemnable. Tangkhul people group has a rich and wonderful culture with profoundly created standard standards, regulations and practices as native people groups”, said TNWL.

TNWL brought up that “our material isn’t simply a piece of fabric. It conveys stories and has implications, importance, settings and utilizations. Wearing our customary clothing types and playing out the most impolite and obscene demonstration eliminated from such implications and importance is unsuitable and is an affront to our personality and history”.

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