Tinsukia coal mine missing youth Fate is unknown dead or alive?

Tinsukia coal mine missing youth Fate is unknown dead or alive

Tinsukia: Members of the Moran Students’ Union and All Tai Ahom Students’ Union in Assam’s Tinsukia district on Wednesday asked the district administration to clarify whether a 23-year-old youth, who went missing in a coal mine belt nearly a month ago. was alive or dead.
Pranjal Moran, a resident of Makum Hukari village, left his home to work in a coal mine in Margherita Subdivision in the first week of January 2023. He last contacted his family on January 12 and told them that he would be back home in the next two days. However, he has not been heard from since.
Naba Moran, president of the All Moran Students’ Union, while addressing a press conference in Tinsukia, expressed concern over Pranjal’s fate.

He said that despite a complaint filed by the youth’s wife with the police on February 2, after learning that her husband might die in the coal mine belt under Lido No. 6 – Margherita Police Station, the District The management has not yet clarified whether he is alive or dead
In the first week of February 2023, Urbashi Moran (Pranjal’s wife) filed a complaint in which she provided the police with the mobile numbers through which she was informed about her husband’s death. In the complaint, she said her husband called her on January 12 from a co-worker’s phone to inform her that he would be back home on January 14. This was Pranjal’s last contact with the family.

A copy of the complaint has reached this representative.

Tinsukia coal mine missing youth Fate is unknown dead or alive?
The All Moran Students’ Union president while addressing reporters issued an ultimatum to the management saying that Pranjal’s body should be recovered within 24 hours and handed over to his family members for performing the necessary rituals.
He added that it is customary in his community to perform the ritual after the death of a person and currently the family is unable to do so. “This is causing a lot of grief and unrest as they are unable to perform traditional funeral rites and rituals, which are necessary for the repose of the soul of the deceased,” he said.
Moran said the family filed a police complaint on February 2, but it was filed four days later. Despite the complaint, no proactive steps have been taken by the administration and the police to recover Pranjal’s body.
It is to be noted that in September last year, three coal miners lost their lives after allegedly inhaling poisonous gas inside a rat hole mine at Lidu in Tinsukia district. Rat-hole mines are small illegal tunnels, usually no more than 3-4 feet high, through which workers, often children, enter to extract coal.

Sub-divisional officer of Margherita sub-division Preeti Kumari denied the allegations leveled by Moran, saying that the administration and the police have started search and recovery operations. However, they have not found Pranjal’s body yet.
She added that the police are excavating the place where the body is suspected to have been buried, but so far there has been no success.
Kumari explained that the area where Pranjal is suspected to be located is a difficult area, and searching for rat mines is very dangerous.

Tinsukia coal mine missing youth Fate is unknown dead or alive?

Asked about the confirmation of the youth’s death, Kumari replied that until the body is recovered, they cannot confirm his death. “Based on the information that came out during the investigation, they suspect that he is dead, and all efforts are being made to recover his body,” Kumari said.
Kumari also revealed that she is in the process of setting up a task force, where a magistrate will be deputed by her along with police and transport officials to carry out surprise raids and checks.
Kumari also said that they have taken steps to stop illegal coal mining in the area. “I have issued an order under Section 144 banning any kind of mining within the forest, and the movement of excavators, dumpers and other heavy vehicles. I have also written to Coal India asking the police to along with joint raids to destroy illegal rat drilling mines and issued notices to all coal deposits under its jurisdiction to submit documents and necessary certificates for operating coal depots,” ‘ she added.
It has been reported that illegal mining, stockpiling and transportation of coal has come to light in Tinsukia district in the last few months. According to the rules, there is a limit on how much coal can be stored in coal reserves, but some parties seem to be flouting these rules.
Sources have alleged that some officials of the concerned authorities have colluded with others, which has resulted in the rise of illegal coal mining in the region once again. This activity is damaging the reserve forests of the area.

According to reports, the police have detained several people in the case of Pranjal Moran. A search operation is being conducted based on the revelations made during the investigation, but they are currently missing.
Meanwhile, Margherita’s efforts to talk to the Sub-Divisional Police Officer go in vain.

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