Till September 21 ‘Black September’ declared by Meitei FAMBEI

Till September 21 'Black September' declared by Meitei FAMBEI

Meitei FAMBEI, the representative organization of the mature Meitei population, has announced the observance of “Black September” from September 3 to September 21 in response to the ongoing crisis in Manipur. Addressing the media at a press conference held on September 2, Meitei FAMBEI spokesperson Ningthouja Lancha announced the start of “Black September”.
The celebration is meant to mark four months since armed Kuki groups started the current conflict, which has resulted in the displacement of innocent Meitei people. The celebration begins on September 3 and ends on September 21, which is traditionally observed as the National Day of Repentance in Manipur for the alleged forced signing of the merger agreement in 1947.
Lancha asserted that “Black September” serves as a mark of condemnation against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s perceived “oppressive tactics and oppressive silence” in resolving the Manipur crisis. He also strongly opposed the techniques used by the central and paramilitary forces.
“Manipur is currently facing a constitutional crisis. The people of the state lack constitutional safeguards. To express their condemnation, ‘Black September’ will be observed,” Lancha announced. During this period, various movements and activities will take place all over Manipur.
As part of the condolence ceremony, black flags will be unfurled across Manipur, and tributes will be paid to the Meitei martyrs who lost their lives during the ongoing conflict. Consultation sessions will be held at various locations till September 21, with the aim of bringing together different communities on one platform.
Lancha urged the people of the state to extend their support and cooperation during the event starting from September 3.

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