There is a solution to every problem: Nagaland government on peace talks


Kohima: Burning hopes for a solution to the long-pending Naga political issue, Nagaland government spokesman Niba Krunio said on Wednesday that the center “understands” the problems of the Naga people.

After a meeting of the government’s core committee, Cronje said there was a need to talk a thread because both the central and state governments are able to understand each other “closer and closer”.
Ahead of the NSCN-IM internal meeting, Karuno said the committee on the Naga issue would meet the NSCN-IM leadership before May 31.

If necessary, he said, the committee would also hold talks with the NNPG before leaving for Delhi to meet the Union Home Minister.

On the issue of use of Naga flag in cultural halls and inclusion of Naga constitution in Indian constitution, he said that the committee has discussed the issue but is not in a position to disclose its decisions.
Despite the understanding between the Center and the Nagaland government, he said that the final solution would depend on the understanding of the negotiating parties.

In this regard, he said that any problem is solved and in this case both the parties understand each other’s problem. He also hoped for a speedy solution.
The meeting of the core committee was attended by both the MPs of the state.

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