The youths of South Angami made a ‘no entry’ on the Nagaland-Manipur border.


Kohima: As a precautionary measure against “trespassers” from Manipur, the Southern Angami Youth Organization (SAYO) on Wednesday informed that it was forced to impose ‘No Entry Restriction’ in Dzükou Valley and Kezoltsa till further notice. Has gone

South Angamis ‘ top youth body said it would take action against illegal transporters for failing to comply with border restrictions.

SAYO President Metekhrielie Mejura, and General Secretary Metevizo Sophie said in an update, “As the guardian of the Dzükou and Kezoltsa valleys, SAYO will take all necessary measures to defend and protect its homeland.”

SAYO also expressed regret over the implementation of Section 144 CrPC near Nagaland-Manipur border of District Magistrate (DM), Sinapati District, Manipur through Order No. DC (SPT) 16/17 (L&O) 19 dated April 6. He said that the clamping of 144 CRPC has directly affected the land of South Angamis.

It said the DM’s “incompetent” action was irrational, misleading and provocative for peaceful coexistence between neighboring villages, even as SAYO lost its jurisdiction over the Angamis Public Organization’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. I have suspended the national highway indefinitely. APO).
The Youth Body also reiterated that the suspension has been implemented in accordance with the resolution and assurances issued by the Tenyimi People’s Organization (TPO), and that disputes have been resolved through the Tenyimi People’s High Authority. Respect and honor the traditional process of resolution.

SAYO said that unless the dispute is resolved by the TPO, there is no reason to implement the 144 CrPC based on the threat of law and order near the border.

He also appealed to the Manipur government to take steps to repeal section 144 of the CRPC, and to withdraw armed personnel and their remnants from Kezoltsa in order to maintain lasting peace.

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