The word ‘madrasa’ should not exist: Assam CM


Guwahati: Reiterating his stance on madrassas, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma insisted that the word “madrassa” should be abolished and that “modern education” should be introduced in all schools instead.

The Chief Minister of Assam was addressing a function organized by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS) in Delhi on May 22.
The word ‘madrasa’ should end. Teach the Qur’an at home but teach science and math to children at school. When the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power, we felt that state money should not be spent on religious education of any particular religion, ”said Sarma.

The Chief Minister said that enrolling children in madrassas was nothing short of a violation of their human rights and therefore should cease to exist.

Sarma said that if children were told that they would not be able to become doctors or engineers after studying in such institutions, they would not be willing to go to madrassas.

He added, “The education system in madrassas should be such that it gives students the right to do anything in the future. And every child has the right to a formal education.
Sarma also said that, according to him, a Muslim is actually a Hindu, adding that the process of ‘returning home’, or ‘conversion’, where a person returns to his original religion is just a special It will be possible in the environment. Proper education.

“But that does not mean that one has to go to a temple or worship a deity. That person should put India first and think of India’s interests.”

On recent eviction campaigns in Assam, Sarma said, “Due to bulldozer operation in Assam, the state has successfully cleared 5,000-6,000 hectares of encroachments.”
According to Sarma, 36% of the state’s Muslim population can be divided into three categories. Indigenous Muslims, who have the same culture and language. Converted or native Muslim; And those who emigrate from outside India and follow a different culture. “Sometimes they say their language is Mian,” he said.

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