The tourism sector of Assam has got the status of an industry.

The tourism sector of Assam has got the status of an industry.

Guwahati: The North East Catholic Research Forum (NECARF) has expressed deep concern over Christians being ‘wrongly implicated with emotional conversion’ in the country, particularly in the North East.

In a statement, NECARF said the forum was alarmed by the number of incidents of attacks in which people belonging to minority groups are continuously targeted by groups and organizations belonging to the majority Hindu community.

“As responsible citizens of this country, proud of India’s colorful diversity, who believe in justice, equality, rights and duties guaranteed by the Constitution of India, we are pained to learn that “That some organizations in our country are pushing for unity through similarity. Instead of diversity,” NECARF said.

The Northeast Catholic Research Forum also notes with concern the recent developments in the region.

On November 20, the Northeast Christian Forum was formed, initiated by some politicians, without the informed consent of the long-standing apex United Christian Forum of Northeast India (UCFNEI).

UCFNEI is a Christian platform for the entire North-Eastern region, with representatives organically drawn from all Christian denominations from the village and upwards.”This appears to be an attempt to undermine Christian unity in the region,” NECARF said.

Allegations of forced conversions are also circulating, which show the low percentage of Hindus in some Christian-majority states as a narrative, without appreciating that the Christian population in these states has grown from within their own circle. And not otherwise.

“We urge all Christians in the region to shun any attempt to break Christian solidarity and unity with the clear aim of division,” NECARF said.

The approval by the state cabinet will further entitle the tourism units and the sector as a whole to reap the benefits available under the Assam Investment and Industrial Policy, which will boost the growth of the tourism sector in the state.

Addressing media persons after the Cabinet meeting here, Assam Tourism Minister Jayanta Mallabaruah said the state has great potential to become a tourist hub for domestic and international tourists and that the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) I can become an important partner.
The industry status accorded to the tourism sector will bring a paradigm shift in the development of the state’s tourism-based economy.

Proving his point, the Minister said, “The tourism sector will get a lot of private investment due to the new status which will be facilitated by incentives, subsidies, compensation etc. for the investors as per the industry policy. Ultimately, this investment will create new employment opportunities.
He also said that infrastructure can be developed through Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode which will help in the overall development of a region.

In particular, the policy aims to stimulate sustainable environment-friendly investment through capital formation and gainful employment creation.

Just last month, the Assam government had announced a new tourism policy aimed at creating a policy framework and strategic roadmap to strengthen tourism supporting segments and its sub-sectors.

The tourism policy was unveiled on the sidelines of the Assam Tourism Roadshow 2022 organized by the state tourism department. The roadshow included panel discussions, audio-video presentations besides business-to-business interactive sessions to attract entrepreneurs and investors to the state.

Prepared after extensive consultation with the World Bank and stakeholders at every stage of its preparation, the Assam Tourism Policy 2022 aims to ensure and safeguard effective standardization of processes and practices, promote uniformity resulting in Durability and quality can improve overall of tourism products.

“Our aim with this new policy is to enable the world to see it from the point of view of attraction. The presence of pristine water, forests, mountains and rivers gives the state unlimited potential in the field of tourism. New Tourism Policy reflects the same objective. Assam is sure to enthrall travelers with what it has to offer in every nook and corner. For investors, we have also come up with special packages,” said Baroh.

The mission of this policy is to “create a policy framework and strategic roadmap in collaboration with Central Ministries, various State Government Departments, local communities and tourism stakeholders to improve the tourism sector in Assam, so that the state To support the private sector engaged in tourism, and to strengthen the supporting sectors of tourism and its sub-sectors”.

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