The Tea Board of India has restricted the addition of only 5% flavor to tea.


Guwahati: The Tea Board of India has suggested that only 5% flavor can be added to tea.

The board said in a notice today that given the quality aspect as well as the importance of compliance with FSSAI parameters, it is proposed that flavored tea makers be allowed to add only 5.00% natural flavors and natural flavoring ingredients. As a flavor or a mixture of different flavors.
The board said it would not consider adding more than 5% flavor to the Tea Board’s issuance of a flavored tea registration certificate.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said in a 1999 notification that flavored tea makers would register with the Tea Board before marketing flavored tea. Accordingly, the Tea Board issues flavored tea registration certificates to flavored tea makers.\
According to Chapter 2.10.1 of Food Safety and Standards, 2011 Tea may contain “natural flavors” and “natural flavoring substances” which are flavor enhancers and the only substances that are acceptable for human consumption. Have been made. Especially after processing plant material physically, either in its natural state or after processing for human consumption.
However, there is no mention of the maximum percentage of flavor that can be added to the tea to make flavored tea. Although the Tea Board advises manufacturers to keep as much tea as possible in flavored tea to maintain the original quality, aroma, etc. of this popular beverage, there are instances where the flavored tea maker minimizes the use of tea. Consumes small amounts (less than 51%) and maximizes the flavor in the product which ultimately reduces the original and special properties of the tea as a whole.
Tea Board is a tea service provider and has a mandate to promote tea in any form, including value-added products such as flavored tea, etc., which are in demand by existing consumers, but at a cost of compromise. But that cannot be done. With the hereditary, unique properties of the world-famous beverage “Tea”.
The Board had considered the matter with the Tea Research Association (TRA), United Planters Association of South India (UPASI) and other tea associations in all the tea growing regions of the country. The matter was discussed in detail and accordingly it was decided to seek suggestions from TRA and UPASI on the basis of scientific data and analysis.

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