The people have not been deceived, the border agreement with Assam has been signed in the interest of all, says the Chief Minister of Meghalaya.


SHILLONG: Meghalaya boss pastor Conrad Sangma has upheld the boundary settlement endorsed with Assam as of late following the primary period of conversations between the two states.

The main understanding was endorsed between the state legislatures of Meghalaya and Assam on March 29 to determine limit debates in six out of 12 areas of distinction along the highway line.
In any case, consenting to of the boundary arrangement with Assam has set off savage resistance in Meghalaya by a few ideological groups, associations and people.

The Trinamool Congress (TMC) in Meghalaya blamed the Conrad Sangma-drove alliance government in Meghalaya of “swindling individuals of the state” by marking the boundary agreement with Assam.
Responding to the allegation of the TMC, Meghalaya boss pastor Conrad Sangma said: “In the event that we had deceived individuals of the state, individuals wouldn’t leave their (TMC) party and going along with us (NPP).”

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