The Mizo Youth Body has asked the Assam Police to ‘evacuate’ the Mizoram area


Aizawl: ZPM Thalai, a youth wing of the main opposition party Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), on Wednesday asked the state government to evict Assam police personnel who were allegedly near the town of Vairengte on the state border with Assam. They are camping in the Mizoram area.

A statement issued by the Youth Wing alleges that several Meizu farmers of Waringate, who are cultivating in the Motui Zhao area near Waringate town, have been stopped by the Assam Police, who have issued farmers with identity cards or Pass has been issued.
The youth wing further alleged that Assam police had been camping in the area since the beginning of this year and had destroyed betel orchards belonging to Mizo farmers.

The group has urged Home Minister Lalchamliana to take steps to ensure that Assam police personnel are evacuated from the area.

Meanwhile, Mizoram Inspector General of Police (Headquarters) John Neihlaia said the ZPM youth had been misinformed about the current situation.
He said representatives of both the Mizoram and Assam governments met on March 7 to discuss the relocation of the Assam police camp and to ensure that farmers could move freely in the Motoi Zhao area. ۔

He said the meeting, which was held in a cordial atmosphere, agreed that Assam Police would shift its base on a hill near an LP school near the Assam border.
After being questioned by the Assam Police that they would not be able to differentiate between farmers and those who accidentally graze in the forest, the meeting decided to issue identity cards to the original farmers Do The IGP said that identity cards would be issued through a sub-divisional officer in Vairengte.
The IGP further said that during the meeting it was also agreed that a list of farmers or workers to whom identity cards would be issued would also be sent to the officer-in-charge of Dholai police station in Assam for their observation. Will go

He said that during the meeting, the representatives of Assam assured that mezo farmers would not be disturbed in the area.
Neihlaia further said that the list of farmers at Mautui zau area is being collected by the SDO (civil) office and ID cards would soon be issued to the farmers.

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