The Meghalaya government has breathed a sigh of relief over the payment of electricity charges to the NTPC.


Shillong: In a major achievement for the Meghalaya government, the Union Ministry of Power has ordered redistribution of 53 MW out of 87 MW, which was part of the state’s power, to redistribute to Tamil Nadu.

Briefing the media, Power Minister Preston Tynsong explained that the relocation would continue for five years. “Due to the high cost per unit, Meghalaya has not received power from NTPC since 2015 but continues to pay a fixed amount of Rs 120 crore annually,” Tynsong said.

The minister clarified that an agreement was reached between the Meghalaya government and NTPC in 2007 to supply 87 MW of electricity to the state. However, due to high cost per unit, the Meghalaya government has not received any electricity from NTPC since 2015 but had to pay Rs 120 crore annually.

“I am finally grateful to the Government of India for issuing this order where out of 87 MW, 53 MW will be redistributed to Tamil Nadu,” Tynsong said.

He further said that they are fighting for balance MW which is close to 30-34 MW. “We are pursuing the GOI to withdraw the full amount of energy signed by the NTPC in 2007 as this is not possible. I am confident that with the help of the GOI North Eastern Regional Power Committee (NERPC) Will be, where all the power ministers of the NE states are members and the CM of Nagaland is Nephew Review Chairman, ”Tynsong noted.

Meghalaya’s energy minister also claimed that the agreement signed in 2007 by the state government and the NTPC was “the worst deal ever”.

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