The final decision will be made by the government: Meghalaya Deputy CM on Punjabi Lane issue


Shillong: Amid fierce opposition from pressure groups in Meghalaya, Meghalaya Deputy Chief Minister Preston Tynsong on Wednesday appealed to the government not to consider the demands of Shillong’s Harijan Panchayat Committee (HPC). May demand but ultimately the government will decide.
Speaking to media persons, Tin Song said that he has already directed the Department of Civil Affairs to expedite the process of preparing a blueprint for the relocation of 342 families residing in Harijan Colony as soon as possible.
“Once this is done, the HPC will be called for another meeting and informed, sit down and talk about it,” Tynsong said.

Asked if the terms set by HPC seemed reasonable, Tynsong said anyone was free to make demands. “Demand can be heaven, no problem … you can ask for anything Tynsong want, but finally let us be realistic. I can’t say anything about it as long as we are blue.” They do not print and do not contact them, “said Tynsong .
He added that whether they like it or not, it will be acceptable to them or not, on behalf of the government, they will work responsibly for a permanent solution.

On civil society opposition, Tynsong said it was understandable for civil society to be concerned about HPC’s demands, adding that the state’s stakeholders were equally concerned.
It should be noted that HPC has agreed to relocate Shillong from Punjabi Lane but with certain conditions. HPC has demanded 200 square meters of plots each and wants the government to bear the construction costs so that families can rebuild their individual houses.

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