The Brahmaputra Board has proposed a master plan for flood management in Tripura.


AGARTALA: Brahma Patra Board Chairman Rajiv Yadav on Monday pointed out that master plans were being prepared for Tripura’s Manu and Howrah rivers to control flood and soil erosion management.

According to the chairman, the board meeting decided to update the existing studies on river health.

He also told the media that capacity building workshops would be held in the state on how to draft suitable projects for acceptance by the central government.

Asked about the discharge of Brahmaputra, he said that diverting the flow of water upwards of Brahmaputra would have little effect on the total discharge of the river as more than 60% of the discharge source is in India.

This matter does not fall under our jurisdiction but still I am giving the scientific basis of this issue. More than 60% of the total emissions from Brahmaputra come from Arunachal Pradesh. If there is a diversion in the upstream flow, it will have no effect, ”Yadav said in response to a question.

The Brahmaputra Board is a legal entity under the Ministry of Water Power that works in the field of flood and soil erosion management in the Brahmaputra Basin as well as rivers throughout the Northeast. The Chairman was addressing after the Board Meeting held at Agartala.

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