The Bengal Guv-Abhishek had to fight over the latter’s controversial remarks on the judiciary


Kolkata: The Bengal Go-Abhishek had to fight over the latter’s controversial remarks on the judiciary ,TMC National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Monday criticized Governor Jagdeep Dhankar for remaining silent when BJP leaders make controversial remarks and insult West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and their own on the judiciary. Defends controversial remarks that have seen the governor warn that the MP has crossed the red line.

Earlier in the day, Dhankar asked the Chief Secretary of State to update him by June 6 on the action taken by the Diamond Harbor MP on his comments on the judiciary, which had directed the CBI to look into various cases related to Bengal. This was done with reference to his orders to investigate.
Banerjee defended his criticism of a section of the judiciary at a rally in Shyamnagar, near Kolkata in Haldia on Saturday, saying he had not named a judge or specifically mentioned a verdict.
He emphasized that the country’s citizens were “free to criticize the decision”.

“I made some remarks during a rally the day before yesterday. The governor claimed that I had crossed the line. The people of the state know very well who is overstepping the bounds. I said that 99% of the people in the judiciary are good, only 1% of the people follow the instructions of those who control the lever of power, this 1% of people are everywhere, even in political parties. Also, ”Banerjee said.
On Saturday, Banerjee criticized the “one per cent of the judiciary” for ordering a CBI probe into every case in the state.

“I have the right to criticize a decision. If a decision says there will be no FIR in a murder case, is it right or wrong? If I say something about the judiciary, the governor will respond.” “It simply means that the remarks have come to the right place. I have full respect for the judiciary,” he said.

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