Tawang District Hospital has successfully performed hip replacement surgery.


Itanagar: In a major medical success, an orthopedic surgeon from a government hospital in Arunachal Pradesh and his team successfully performed hip replacement surgery on a 39-year-old patient.

On Thursday, Dr. Dukhum Magu and his team performed surgery at the Khandro Drowa Sangmo District Hospital in Tawang .
The male patient, who had been suffering from traumatic lameness for more than a year, was diagnosed with evaporative necrosis of the right hip joint, after which he underwent joint replacement surgery.

During hip replacement, the femur head is replaced with an artificial head on a shaft, and the acetabulum joint surface is lined with a cup-shaped artificial joint surface.
Total hip replacement is a major orthopedic operation and requires excellent surgical skills.

Dr. Magu, who is also the medical superintendent of the district hospital, has performed a number of major orthopedic procedures, including Elizaro surgery, tibia calcification, and multiple bone marrow correction.
There are many more orthopedic cases in Tawang that can be corrected, the doctor advised people to come forward for advice.

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