Talk on Manipur crisis Meitei dispora urges US president Biden

Talk on Manipur crisis Meitei dispora urges US president Biden

Imphal: Meitei diaspora and supporters have urged US President Joe Biden to address critical ‘humanitarian and environmental’ concerns along the Indo-Myanmar border in the Manipur sector of India’s northeastern region.
In an open letter to the US president, the group highlighted the problem of large-scale poppy plantations in the southern parts of Manipur, bordering Myanmar, which are causing ‘deforestation, soil erosion and damage to vital ecosystems’. are causing’.
The letter said these plantations are also contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global climate change.
The group added that due to political unrest and economic hardships within Myanmar, there has been a significant influx of refugees from Myanmar to India, particularly Manipur. This unrelenting infiltration poses multifaceted challenges, including potential power struggles, threats to national security and exploitation of vulnerable populations, it said.
The group also mentioned drug proliferation and cross-border drug smuggling along the porous Indo-Myanmar border in Manipur. The unbridled flow of narcotics poses a significant threat to both India’s national security and global efforts to combat drug-related crime. The group said the unsecured Indo-Myanmar border has become a hotbed for drug-trafficking activities, with militant groups exploiting the region’s vulnerabilities.
The group urged President Biden to advocate for addressing these issues at the global level to promote international cooperation for the betterment of indigenous people living in India’s northeastern states.
The letter was signed by more than 1,000 people, including environmental activists, human rights defenders, and scholars.

In a statement, the group said they hope President Biden will take their concerns seriously and use his platform to raise awareness about the challenges facing the people of Manipur.

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