Take state ownership: Arunachal CM told government employees


Itanagar: Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pima Khandu on Thursday demanded government employees, especially local officials, to take ownership of the state and take it on the path of development.

“Unless and until our local officials take ownership of the state, no chief minister or government can take the state on the path of development. We, the political class, are totally dependent on the system and you are the system, ”said Khandu.

Attending the Civil Service Day celebrations here, the Chief Minister urged the government employees to dedicate themselves to the cause of serving the citizens and renew their commitment to excel in public service and work.

Khandu advised the officers, especially the heads of the departments, to travel to the districts and coordinate with the district administration to take forward the schemes and programs implemented by their respective departments.

“Our focus should be on changing the dynamics of the rural economy through proper implementation of all state and central government flagship programs. If you do not travel, you will not be able to ensure proper implementation of schemes.” ‘ They said.

Addressing a gathering of government employees, including All India Service and State Civil Service officers, at the Dorjee Khandu Convention Center here, the Chief Minister acknowledged the cooperation of former officers in the evolution of Arunachal in its present form.

“It is only because of the sincerity, hard work and professionalism of the civil servants of the past that Arunachal Pradesh can move forward on a par with the rest of the country. On this day, I express my gratitude on behalf of the people of the state and I pay tribute to all the former civil servants and bureaucrats who have served the state and contributed to its development, “he said.

Khandu said that Arunachal has been fortunate to have the best government employees in the past and still has some excellent, sincere, hardworking and dedicated government employees.

“With your support, cooperation and sincerity, the state government has made a number of reforms today, the positive results of which are beginning to emerge,” he pointed out.

Since the normal tenure of All India Service Officers in the state is only two years, Khandu said that much depends on the State Civil Service Officers in providing governance to the people.

The Chief Minister emphasized that government employees should inspire and motivate today’s youth.

According to Khandu, government employees, after overcoming various obstacles and competitions, are now in a position to become role models for the youth.

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