Suspected Kuki militants assaulted Liangmai Naga in Senapati

Suspected Kuki militants assaulted Liangmai Naga in Senapati

Amidst the ongoing communal unrest in Manipur, a shocking incident took place on Tuesday morning along the IT Road in Chalwa area, when a Liangmai Naga man, identified as one Z Hotngampou, killed by two suspected kukis came under brutal attack by militants believed to be associated with the Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA).
The incident has raised concerns about the safety of citizens on IT Road and a possible flare-up of the ongoing crisis in Manipur.
Narrating the harrowing experience at the Manipur Press Club, Imphal, the 56-year-old victim said his family, including his wife and son, were on their way to Imphal in a Bolero pick-up truck loaded with bananas when they were ambushed by two men. Unknown persons stopped. People near police post in Chalwa.
He said that these persons demanded to pay Rs 300 as tax which his family refused to accept.
“When I informed them that I would report the matter to my High Commands (LMC, UNC, and Naga HoHo) due to the repeated inconveniences, one of them started a physical assault claiming Is he affiliated with KRA,” he explained.
The two miscreants fled the scene on a motorcycle immediately after the attack.
The victim further disclosed that, after the traumatic incident, she was also subjected to an illegal tax collection of Rs 2,000 by people claiming to be affiliated with the United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) in Kangpokpi area on the same day.
Expressing deep concern and seeking the attention of Naga leaders, Z Hotngampou urged them to take proactive measures to ensure the safety of Naga people and prevent recurrence of such incidents in future.
According to the victim, the two assailants in Chalwa area were unarmed and dressed in civilian clothes.

After reaching Imphal, the victim, along with the Rianglong village chairman, who lives in Imphal, reported the incident to the media at the Manipur Press Club before being immediately treated.
Rianglong village chairman, Zindiabao Kalengda, strongly condemned the physical attack on a villager by alleged Kuki militants, stressing that such incidents affect all the people of Liangmai.
“This is considered an attack on the Liangmai community,” he added.
He highlighted that the IT road has become a hub for extortion by Kuki militants and demanded the government to ensure the safety of the people on the road and protect them from anti-social elements.
Meanwhile, the Ahangruak Chief Chairman Association (ACCA) has condemned the incident and announced a total shutdown calling it an attempt on life by Kuki Militants (KRA) on Liangmai Naga, Liangmai Post. According to the Facebook post.

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