Supreme Court panel claims that Manipur violence incited by NGOs

Supreme Court panel claims that Manipur violence incited by NGOs

Imphal: A Supreme Court-appointed committee has strongly said that state non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are blocking the cremation of 88 bodies stored in the Imphal mortuary.

Thus they are hindering the acceptance of forgiveness from relatives, and trying to keep the racial cauldron boiling.
According to media reports, the committee formed by the Supreme Court has submitted its report after its first field visit.
The committee headed by former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Justice GIta Mittal said that 88 of the 94 abandoned bodies stored in the three mortuaries have been identified but civil society organizations active in the state are putting “tremendous pressure” on the relatives.
Not accepting dead bodies. She added that the relatives were ready to perform the last rites.

The committee stated that the kin was ready to accept bodies for last rites, but “some CSOs are opposing and obstructing the performance of last rites by relatives on account of vested interests, and even in order to derive mileage and to compel authorities to meet unwarranted demands.”

“Apprehension was also expressed that there are elements interested in maintaining tension between communities and preventing restoration of peace and harmony in the state. For this reason, true and correct facts of the matter are also not being placed before the Supreme Court (by some of the petitioner NGOs),” the committee mentions.

The state government had identified nine locations for burial and cremation and the kin are allowed to choose any one of them. But the CSOs are insisting on mass burial at unsuitable spots.

“Unfortunately, the CSOs are insisting on mass burials at unsuitable spots, which will serve as a source for constant mounting of tension between communities in Manipur and prevent the restoration of normalcy,” the report adds.

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