Strife-torn Manipur, observes muted Christmas eve after dark Diwali

Strife-torn Manipur, observes muted Christmas eve after dark Diwali

Imphal: Christmas, which is usually a joyous occasion in the northeastern states, is witnessing a rather somber atmosphere in Manipur.
In the state capital Imphal, Christmas Eve celebrations have been rather subdued and low-key. While congregations were seen in churches in Imphal, the festive spirit is completely absent as the state continues to witness incidents of violence.
In Imphal today, people gathered in churches and sang carols and held prayer meetings. However, the sense of festivity and joy usually associated with Christmas is missing.

“This year we have reduced the celebrations, the programmes and the people. The people coming to celebrate Christmas have been quite less.

Compared to last year, this year we are not going to hold a Christmas feast. On Christmas day after morning service, we usually have Christmas feasts.

And this year we are not going to have it because of the present crisis in Manipur,” said Reverand Zuan Kamang Daimai, pastor of the Manipur Baptist Church Centre in Imphal.

This year, Manipur has been witnessing continued violence since May this year ever since ethnic tensions broke out between Meiteis and Kukis.

While earlier, Imphal valley witnessed quite a colourful Diwali, now Christmas celebrations are also being seen to quite low key and muted owing to the morose environment everywhere owing to the violence.

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