State economy will be impacted after IED blast, VPP show concren

State economy will be impacted after IED blast, VPP show concren

Shillong: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) has voiced apprehensions regarding the recurring incidents of IED blasts in Shillong, Meghalaya, highlighting potential ramifications for the economy, particularly in the tourism sector.

In a statement issued on Sunday, VPP spokesperson Batskhem Myrboh articulated two distinct categories of law and order challenges: violent and non-violent breakdowns.

Myrboh attributed violent situations to non-state actors and expressed deep concern over the recent spate of bomb blasts, emphasizing their detrimental effect on the economy, especially for those reliant on tourism-related livelihoods.

Addressing the responsibility of the state government, Myrboh stressed the imperative of maintaining law and order and enhancing intelligence-gathering mechanisms to mitigate such threats effectively.

Critically, Myrboh pointed out past failures of the MDA Government in upholding the rule of law, particularly in instances such as illegal mining, transportation of coal, and the proliferation of illicit check gates and coke plants.

Highlighting recent events, it was noted that the proscribed HNLC claimed responsibility for the IED blast at Harijan Colony on March 9 and issued a stringent ultimatum to the state government, demanding the relocation of colony residents within one month, or facing severe consequences.


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